Friday, January 30, 2009

Mammatus Clouds

The word "mammatus" is derived from the Latin word "mamma", a term for breasts. These strange clouds occur generally in the warmer seasons and usually indicate extreme stormy weather. A general misconception is that they foretell a tornado, but in truth they usually come after the storm has already past. You can check out more unusual cloud formations here.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

San-zhr Abandoned Pod Village

While endlessly wasting my time on the Internet today, I came across these amazing photos by Craig Ferguson. He has a collection of photos on of a small abandoned vacation village located on the northern side of Taiwan. Apparently the site was commissioned by the government in the 1960's, and was meant to be a luxury housing development or a hotel site (it's unclear as to which it was to be). In addition to the space age pods, a dam was built protecting the waterfront ghost town from the ocean, and even a small amusement park with a pool and water slide. Construction halted when word got out that multiple workers died during building the complex, and no one would go near the site due to superstitions. Subsequently the same superstitions made it impossible to tear down the site or rebuild on the sacred home of the displaced spirits. Even today the site remains taboo and stands in eerie disrepair on the edge of a neglected coastline.